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Beaver Dried Meat : Method - Recipe
Apr 17, 2021 14:24 ET
I thought I would put together this very sloppy, yet technically important guide of how to make "Dried beaver meat" ....AS I have figured it out thus far. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm not, but this is what I'm doing. It's not jerky, it's "dried meat" similar to what I've read about from those Dave Canterbury cited over the years.

Before I lay it out, I need to note that although my final-solution (so far) was rooted in "self-reliance" and "Bushcraft" and all the desires kicked off by that study on which I embarked around 2012, Tim Roper's beaver butchering video was the impetus that made me do-this and with beaver; Tim helped me learn that the beaver was a food-source on par with grass-fed beef. Tim changed my life for the better in so many ways related to beaver trapping, and for that I thank him.

To check out Tim's Patreon page and Patreon-only-podcast, check out the link above where you see his picture. As far as I know, to get the "first hour" of his podcast now, you'll need to see it on Youtube. I used to get the feed from Clint Locklear's RSS feed but haven't seen it there in a while; The latest episode of "Meat Trapper Radio" can be found here:  

Let me also posit: I believe if you want to take out a self-reliant person, you cut his power in the spring/summer. Prove me wrong. What I will describe herein should help mitigate/stop their desired goal of erasing you.

To the meats!

Please excuse my brevity, as other than explaining the method so people have it, I have no desire to post "socially." Though I feel it here and other places as my obligation. This overview also was written for-the-trapper.

Caveat: This is my 2nd or 3rd batch of this method, starting just last summer. I do-not-know if it will keep or not. But we must try-something and this is where I am right now. If you have an improvement please tell me and I will update this guide.

1.) Get beaver.

2.) Follow Tim's masterful butchering video (improvements: You can pop that back leg tendon without cutting, but without Tim showing it I wouldn't have known how it worked).

3.) Freeze Solid. I don't know if I've always done this, but I did read it was important for some reason. Now if you're dehydrating to 165 degrees it probably doesn't matter but I did it anyway.

4.) Partially unfreeze (it cuts better) and slice off strips, then lay them down and slice to make filets. There is a method, you slice almost to end, fold over, slice, fold, etc until you get a long thin piece. Leave frozen ribs, backbone, and lower torso as you'll use them for soup later and they don't have much meat you can easily pull off but DO have a lot of meat when you cook them.

5.) Put in bowl with some salt and leave for a day. I didn't always do this but lately I have been. It pulls out the blood.

5.5) Get a good dehydrator that can get up to 165 degrees (kills Tularemia, etc.)

Dehydrator I use the STX Dehydra 1200W-XLS:

Link to the STX-1200W on eBay:

Picture of the dehydrator:

6.) NOW READY to put into dehydrator: Rinse off meat. Put in food dehydrator. Lightly salt (to keep bacteria off, probably not needed but I do it) Put on 165 (kills everything), leave for 12 hours (again this ain't jerky, it's dried meat).

7.) Take out of dehydrator, put in a bowl. Any pieces with fat on them, put back in dehydrator or eat them. Fat is what your body DEMANDS more than anything, but I don't think it would keep.

8.) Get your canning jars out. Run them through this sanitizing method (from a surgeon)...

9.) Put in meat. Suck out all the air using Mighty Vac (pump it to 20)...
  • Buy Mighty Vac here:
  • (if not in stock, try Harbor Freight in-store)
  • Buy Adapters here:

Video Example of sucking out the air:

10.) Final Product: Note: You can eat this raw, or rehydrate with water, then put in with other foods! It's amazing.
(I threw in some fruit for fun that I made in another batch)

11.) Cleanup (two images). Note how the back electrical component comes right off (not pictured) and you can then bring the entire thing outside and spray it down.

Cleanup Picture 1:

Cleanup Picture 2:

12.) Final: Questions/Comments: Contact me on TM. My handle is nyhuntfish