Conservation and Trapping News

BeCareful: Lake shoreline near North Creek added to Adirondack preserve
Nov 30, 2022 10:11 ET

Watch these "land preserves." Often they're as-globalist as can be, locking up the land so you dirty slaves can't hunt OR trap on it. All under the guise of "safety, or "climate," or being "nice" or whatever. Totally anti-conservation. Or sometimes it's hunt-only, then 5 years from now.... no hunt. Most of these groups have tens of millions of dollars in asset value (present group aside as I haven't looked at them and don't have time). And most of these groups PLAN to sell the land at a profit (just like a company) to the State itself, although they have no requirement to do so, and if they did it would be for-profit. These types of "trusts" are new-constructs and should be explored for those who have time to do it.

Some of you trappers are retired. Please consider exploring these things, not just in NY but everywhere.