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Be aware: 2,000 people crossed border through the forests since Oct. 2022
Mar 17, 2023 09:30 ET

In case you're out trapping...

Yes it's wrong but still pray for the people that they don't freeze.

Yes it's 100% orchestrated not by the individuals crossing, but by the evil families that demand western civilization be destroyed via their satanic-inversion, or 'turning it all upside down' (you'll find them owning the banks in case you were interested). The saddest part is NOT our stupid-politicians. The saddest part is that the stupid-politicians exist in such quantity they are able to be their own force as they take orders from the cabal.

Let us make sure as we (myself included) demonize what is actually-trying to destroy us and hopefully erase it, as we focus on the actual 'problem humans' that need to be stopped.

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