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BC Trappers Convention 100 Mile House Curling Club May 6-8
May 2, 2022 07:57 ET

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Sandi and I are super excited to be attending this! We will be doing a live podcast as well as a live question and answer session. There will also be a seminar on muskrats. We will have a booth there as well to visit with folks. We will have our Trapping Inc coffee and hoodies as well as signing autographs and taking pictures. This will be a great time!

Link to the store for tickets

Lottery can be purchased by anyone IN BC lottery link

More Information here.

You can find the first 7 Seasons of Trapping Inc TV on line at our exclusive community.

We are started to load new episodes from season 8 today, new episodes every week! Come join us here:

Cheers, Rich