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Answers to my Beaver questions about Best Management Practices Report
May 21, 2021 13:29 ET

In reference to this report:

I asked these questions to which Tim responded on 05/21/2021:

On Beaver (page 18):

Question: Why no 330's? Is 330 not the best trap for "best practices?"

Answer: This Publication Is Restraining Traps Only ("We Present Performance Data For 84 Models Of Restraining Traps..."). Testing For Lethal Traps, Such As 330s, Is Conducted In Canada And We Cannot Publish Their Data.

Question: In the MB-750, why did they not use laminated (steel laminated) jaws? In their index they listed both "MB-750G" and "MB-750K," respectively as two options With laminations. But I didn't see them notated in the study itself. Laminations is a big determinate.

Answer: If I Recall Correctly, It Simply Has Not Yet Been Tested. The Bmps Are An Ongoing Process.

On General questions:

Question: Someone I don't know noted "most of the research was done 30 years ago or so." Why would this be thought?

Answer: This Is A Dataset Put Together During The Past 30 Years, And Includes Some Very New Trap Models. The Bmps Are An Ongoing Process, With New Traps, And Additional Species, Being Added Each Year. I'm Not Sure Where This Statement Comes From.

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