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Annual Midnight Muskrat Dive in Maryland
Dec 31, 2019 08:48 ET

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PRINCESS ANNE, Md. - If you're looking for a unique way to ring in 2020, look no further than Princess Anne. Each year the town hosts an annual Midnight Muskrat Dive.

During the countdown to midnight, a taxidermy muskrat is lowered on a zip-line from Independence Hall on Somerset Ave.

The celebration is so unique that it has landed on several national lists that highlight unique New Year's Eve celebrations across the country.

"For several years, we've made CNN's top New Year's Eve celebration list just because it is very unique and unusual. Last year, I did an interview for the Canadian Broadcasting Network and it made the news across the country in different media outlets," said Carrie Samis, of Main Street Princess Anne and one of the event's organizers.

New this year, Marshall Muskrat's platform will feature LED lights and there will also be a spotlight on him as he drops.

The event also features live music and free food including an oyster bar and Smith Island cake.

Samis said she is proud to see this Eastern Shore tradition attract more people year after year.

"We really like to celebrate the heritage of Somerset County. There's a strong tradition of hunting and trapping and fishing and oystering and crabbing," said Samis.

The celebration in Princess Anne kicks off at 9 p.m. Tuesday.