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Annual Dynamics of Bobcat Home Range and Core Use Areas in Mississippi
Oct 4, 2019 13:39 ET
Comments: Mentioned on Trap House Podcast with Tom Morelock if I remembered correctly. Fur bearer biologist Bruce Plowman whom specializes in bobcats.

We investigated the annual dynamics of bobcat (Lynx rufus) home range and core use areas by radiotracking 23 female and 6 male bobcats from 10 January 1989 to 31 January 1998 in Mississippi. We quantified space use by measuring changes in the dispersion and central tendency of bobcat locations (i.e., radiotelemetry locations) between annual home range and core use areas. Data from 38 female and 11 male home range and core area comparisons were used to examine bobcat spatial dynamics. Mean dispersion of home range and core use areas was greater for male than female bobcats, but dispersion for these areas did not differ between years for male or female bobcats. Annual shifts in the central tendency of home range and core use areas for female bobcats likely were a space-use strategy to optimize access to prey resources. Annual shifting of core area central tendency within non-shifting home ranges of male bobcats appeared to be a response to female spatial re-adjustments. Shift distance, after standardizing as a proportion of dispersion, did not differ between male and female bobcat home range and core use areas. Bobcat space use may be more dynamic than previously reported, particularly at the core-area spatial scal