Mostly Trapping

Jan 20, 2020 16:55 ET

A book for science and the outdoorsman with an addition related to the human application that will explain why the cases against Bayer-RoundUp should eventually be exonerated. My findings based on infield testing, observation, real-time video, research periodicals, scientific studies, and reading trappers experiences with the devices mentioned. This work was done over 23 years trapping professionally. During this time, I experimented with body grip traps, round and standard, of various sizes. Snares and foothold traps were used of several sizes and snare lock types. Testing was done with experience from over 120 different cage trap designs, many having multiple sizes in length, width, and height, as well as trigger design. They were square, round, rectangle, triangle, and pyramid in shape. This included doors that locked with rings, powered and not. Traps with powered saloon-style doors on each end. Guillotine doors of various designs. Many had swing-down powered lock bar doors combined with some traps that had at least three different door designs on the same trap. Triggers on the cage traps used have been multiple numbers of pan designs to over six different wire trigger styles and type. Using trapping devices over 18,000 animals were caught, in the wild, and over 60,000 sets were made. During a 13 year period, of the 23 years, over 400 locations were set each year. More than one hundred thousand acres were accessed and over 14,000 animals were caught. In most of the 13 years, the bulk of trapping was done, in less than 120 days, with a 24hr check. 95% of the work that was done removing animals was Animal Damage Control. It wasn’t until a magnetometer was purchased that the way the animals were responding to set traps and hunting/ trapping devices made complete sense. For almost four years, I suspected, with very strong beliefs, but never could prove scientifically. I was always given doubt, from my findings, by respected professionals that I thought had the same experiences I had and the ability to interpret them. Concentrating on “the most effective traps”, the only thing they “all” had in common was a decrease in magnetic field intensity and a larger percentage of adult animals being caught in the traps with fewer refusals.