Mostly Trapping on Coyote Pelts
May 8, 2020 07:41 ET

(Reprinted from above link)

I read something on the website that I found interesting. It said, and I quote “For years I gave away my predator harvests to my hunting companions. My only motivation for predator hunting was the challenge and enjoyment involved. I felt good knowing others appreciated receiving my pelts and knowing that my harvests would not go to waste.
However, one year when I was not working and needed money my pelts could offer. Out of necessity, I kept and sold the fifty red fox and several grey fox I harvested predator hunting that season. I called Idaho Trapper’s Association President, Patrick Carney to ask about the value of coyote pelts. “Fur that is shipped to Canada through the Idaho Trappers Association, last year we got $154 tops, $142 to $154, but averages were around $70. That is good news for trappers. Yes it is. Now if you use a rifle and put a hole in the pelt, does that destroy the value? You do not want to shoot them with a deer rifle but if you use a smaller caliber like a :22, all you have to do is sew the whole shot when you are stretching them.

Patrick mentioned Canada because that is where the North American Fur Auction (NAFA) takes place. This often results in receiving the most money for your pelts.