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900 applied for NYC rat czar — ‘killer instinct’ is a must
Jan 7, 2023 16:41 ET

Rats a lot!

Roughly 900 people have applied to become New York City’s rat czar — and Mayor Adams said Friday that he’s getting close to making up his mind on who to hire.

“We’re happy to hear that we have around [900] applicants who filed for the job,” Adams said in an appearance on PIX11. “We’re going to pick the best person, and the No. 1 criteria: They must hate rats as much as I do.”

Adams declined to name any applicants, but said the search is narrowing down and that he expects to soon announce the appointment.

The mayor first announced last month that he’s hiring a director of rodent mitigation — or rat czar — to lead his administration’s campaign to clamp down on an uptick in vermin sightings in the city. The post comes with an annual salary of between $120,000 and $170,000, and applicants must have a “killer instinct,” according to a job posting.

The search for a czar hit a fever pitch this week after the Daily News reported that Adams for the second time in less than a year was slapped with tickets last month for failing to address a rat infestation at his Brooklyn rowhouse.

In response to the summonses, Curtis Sliwa, the Guardian Angels founder who ran against Adams in the 2021 mayoral race, offered to become the city’s rat czar for free.

But Adams swatted away Sliwa’s offer Thursday, and City Hall spokesman Fabien Levy said the red-beret-wearing Republican could at best become a “rat intern” in the administration.

Despite the rejection, Sliwa and several Guardian Angels headed to Adams’ building in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Thursday afternoon to help fight the rat infestation on his block.

“The Guardian Angels are on Eric Adams block on Lafayette Ave cleaning up the garbage that is strewn about everywhere,” Sliwa tweeted. “Many of the residents said that is what is attracting the rats & mice. So, step #1 is to clean up the block of garbage & debris.”