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5 Generation Hunting/Trapping Family Donated Gift from Deer Hides to Veterans Home
Apr 11, 2024 08:51 ET

In a heartfelt tribute to the late Veteran Ruben L. Runningen, the Runningen family continues to honor his legacy through a generous donation benefiting the Minnesota Veterans Home (MVH) in Fergus Falls. The Runningen family’s tradition of hunting and trapping, spanning over five generations, has culminated in a philanthropic endeavor aimed at supporting fellow veterans.

Ruben L. Runningen, a beloved resident of the Minnesota Veterans Home from 2017 until his passing in April 2019, was renowned for his passion for hunting and trapping, deeply ingrained in the fabric of Runningen family history. As a fifth-generation proprietor of Runningen Furs, a family-owned fur business established over 125 years ago, Ruben’s dedication to the outdoors and fur trade left an indelible mark on his family.

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