Conservation through Science under God

Jan 6, 2021 08:05 ET
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High demand from several world markets sent FHA’s castoreum shippers payouts to record highs last
year. This was the 6th consecutive year castoreum saw year over year payout price increases.
Although FHA sold a record quantity of castoreum last year, prices still spiked roughly 25% over
2019 levels.
We expect prices will remain very strong in 2021. We encourage our shippers to take advantage of
this hot market and include their castoreum with their fur shipment. We would like to congratulate
our shippers that sent their castoreum harvest to us as you sold at the highest price ever.
March 2020 payouts
Western Select - $110/lb
Grade #1- $100/lb
Grade #2- $90/lb
Grade #3- $80/lb