Conservation and Trapping Science

2017: The Great Fur Burial Experiment
Dec 7, 2021 12:15 ET

The fur industry is proud to state that one of reasons real fur is eco-friendly is that it biodegrades. Fake fur made from petrochemicals, on the other hand, just sits in landfills for centuries – though that is, admittedly, hard to demonstrate So thinking it’s time to walk the walk, we decided to do a little experiment. Join us now in the Great Fur Burial

We’ve taken a mink stole and a fake fur vest, cut them into pieces, and buried them in the ground. At 3 months, 6 months, and then once a year for five years, we will be unearthing a piece of the mink and a piece of the fake fur and checking in on the biodegrading process. While our experiment is hardly scientific, we are endeavouring to ensure the results are as realistic as possible.

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