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***NTA Alert
Mar 24, 2022 16:25 ET

*NTA Alert- All Members *

Three bills that seek to eviscerate hunting have been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee and must be met with swift opposition to protect our way of life.

Senate Bill 2637 limits who can hunt by raising the age to purchase rifles, shotguns and ammo from 18 years old to 21. The object of this legislation is obvious: reduce the number of firearm owners and who can buy ammo and you reduce the number of hunters who can enjoy our outdoor traditions.

Senate Bill 2646 decimates the trapping community and effective wildlife management by prohibiting the sale of furs and fur products. This one is even more direct: animal extremists are hoping that by destroying financial incentives, it will result in the end of trapping in the long term.

Senate Bill 2651 prohibits hunting where “man-made structures and/or natural barriers” are designed to limit an animal’s free movement. It is anybody’s guess what this means, but obviously includes roads, rivers, streams, hills, canals, fences, and an infinite multitude of other “obstacles” that exist everywhere in the state.

“These bills represent a blatant attempt by extremists to discourage future hunters and show the sponsors prefer politics over science,” said Dillon Barto, manager of state services for Sportsmen’s Alliance. “The Judiciary Committee should reject these bills outright and consider the negative impact these bills will have on the sporting community.”

Act Now Sportsmen need to contact committee members immediately and express strong opposition to all three bills. Contacts for committee members:

Chair Senator Cynthia Coyne:

Vice-Chair Senator Stephen R. Archambault:

Senator John Burke:

Senator Dawn Euer:

Senator Frank Lombardi:

Senator Gordon Rogers: